Empowering Doctors in Cannabis Medicine

Telaleaf helps doctors save time by supporting and simplifying administrative and therapy documentation, reimbursement processes, scheduling, file sharing, video calling and even instant messaging, all under one integrated system that unifies doctors and patients.

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How it works?

Telaleaf’s advanced appointment tool enables doctor or admins to book appointments, as well as the convenience of patient self-scheduling.


Step 1

Patient requests appointment based on location and real-time doctor availability.


Step 2

Doctor accepts appointment and a Telaleaf intake form is automatically sent to the patient


Step 3

Doctor connects with patient

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Building a network of cannabis-proficient physicians.

Our major focus at Telaleaf is advancing knowledge, training and expertise in cannabinoid therapy amongst physicians, so that patients can fully benefit from medical cannabis and get the best possible outcomes. This is why we partner in medical cannabis educational delivery to doctors, pharmacists and other clinicians, because quality of education is one of the key drivers to success of medical cannabis treatment plans and patient satisfaction.

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Become certified in cannabis medicine.

Telaleaf and Sanity Group's Vayamed have partnered with Dresden International University to offer a comprehensive, practice-oriented and interdisciplinary certificate course for doctors, pharmacists and people from other relevant professional groups who are interested in the prescription and treatment of medicinal products containing cannabinoids. This course is CME-accredited.

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Telaleaf makes medical cannabis a simple by addressing all needs and processes under one proven, secure and convenient telemedicine platform. Practice medicine virtually, on a flexible basis with competitive compensation, alongside the world’s most respected clinicians and researchers in the field.

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An additional private revenue stream with competitive compensation

Ongoing CME-certified courses instructed by Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen

Easy access to specialized pharmacies

Flexible, autonomous work hours

Access to patient pools nationwide

Reliable and safe platform used by thousands of patients in Canada & U.S.

Administrative, reimbursement and clinical support

Virtual information sessions with our expert clinicians

Superior Tools & Features.

Scheduling Tool

Patients can self-schedule a single or recurring appointment that you can approve or decline. You can do it yourself.

Appointment Reminders

Email & SMS appointment reminders are automatically sent to patients 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of their appointments to reduce no-shows.

Session Notes

Record session notes and use helpful templates to track important information that is directly updated in the patient’s roster.

Patient Roster

Capture and manage patient information in one place with custom fields for the patient’s specific treatment.

Instant Messaging

Contact patients or pharmacies directly with our instant in-app instant messaging feature which makes communication quick and easy.

Digital Files & Forms

Access a library of clinically validated files and forms or customize your own with rich media, images, and content.


Track growth in scheduled appointments, view appointment attendance and completion rates, and understand revenue and billing metrics.

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Join Telaleaf on a flexible basis, with competitive compensation, alongside the world's leading clinicians and researchers in cannabis-based medicine.

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