Telaleaf is a complete telemedicine solution for medical cannabis

Telaleaf was created and designed to provide the most advanced level of medical cannabis care, from the world's most skilled experts in cannabis-based therapy, so that patients can get the best outcome. With Telaleaf, you have access to specialized healthcare at your fingertips. You can chat, share files and video call with a doctor all in one place. Our physicians are rigorously vetted and trained by leading experts who are committed to delivering outstanding medical care.

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Our Mission.

Medical cannabis prescriptions and treatment plans are not one-size fits all. There are many strains, delivery  systems, product types and dosages available to patients, which can affect each patient differently based on their health conditions, constitution, genetics and various other factors.

The biggest challenge patients face is getting satisfactory medical guidance for their condition, from doctors who can help them start and maintain an effective treatment plan. Physicians should have necessary experience in treating health conditions with cannabinoid therapy. This is why we created Telaleaf.

Telaleaf was designed to help patients fully benefit from medical cannabis, by connecting them with specially trained physicians who can help them develop personalized treatment plans to ensure they get the most relief and most effective results possible.

Now for first time, you can receive medical cannabis care from the world's leading experts and their peers.  Our team is led by  the most respected clinicians in medical cannabis, and they're on your side to develop treatment plans, answer questions, and help achieve your desired outcome.

Franjo Grotenhermen, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Telaleaf is led by world-renown leader and expert on pharmacological and medical cannabis and cannabinoids, Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen. He brings over 20 years of unmatched clinical and academic expertise and to deliver the highest standard of care to patients and highest level of education to doctors.

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Eva Allouche

Founder & CEO

Dimitry Bukrieiv

Chief Technology Officer

Gavin Treanor

Chief Financial Officer

Kathrin Vogel

Managing Director, Germany

Dr. Philip Templeton

Board Director

Dr. Kirten Parekh

Medical Advisor

Prioritizing patient needs to improve the patient experience.

Virtual Care Delivery

Increased accessibility for patients with reliable tools, such as video conferencing (1:1and group) and instant messaging, while sharing content through digital files and forms.

Appointment Reminders

Streamlined booking and admissions with digital scheduling tools for patients, providers, and admins and boost efficiency with automated onboarding, appointment reminders, and more.

Follow-ups & Monitoring

Patient monitoring is done directly through the app to improve continuity of care so doctors can make better decisions and patients can feel good about their treatment.

Our Partners.

launching soon.

Telaleaf will be launching its full range services in the coming weeks. If you would like to be a patient or to work with us as a doctor, please let us know and one of our representatives will contact you.

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