What makes medical patients happy?

Easy access. Low costs. Better outcomes. So why should it be any different for cannabis?

Obtaining medical cannabis should be simple and inexpensive. We’re setting a new standard for cannabis care by prioritizing patient needs.

Until now, the current model for obtaining medical cannabis was inconvenient, expensive and stressful.

Trouble finding doctors prescribing cannabis or experienced in its clinical application.

Few pharmacies actually carrying medical cannabis.

Providers over charging patients for prescriptions.

We developed the service patients asked for. Exceptional quality virtual care.

Telaleaf is an unmatched healthcare experience that provides patients with reliable, legal access to medical cannabis by connecting you to board-certified physicians who conduct virtual medical visits and provide electronic prescriptions.

We’ll deliver your prescription directly to your home for free, or send it to your local pharmacy for pick-up.

Our mission is to make access to medical cannabis simple, reliable and inexpensive by focusing on improving the patient experience to improve outcomes.

our world-class team

Gavin Treanor
Chief Executive Officer
Eva Allouche
Co Founder & COO
Dimitry Bukrieiev
Chief Technology Officer  
Franjo Grotenhermen, M.D.
Medical Lead
Albert Wardi Jr.
Product Manager